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For anyone that has noticed, I suppose I’m not the most prolific blogger. My last post was on March 22nd, but in all fairness, I have been kinda busy. The Adams Street store, which is my third location, will be opening on or around June 13th if the creek don’t rise and the city sees fit to issue me a business license. That’s always the wild card, but I must say the city has been very cooperative so far. I know that for anyone that has done business in Chicago that seems hard to believe, but so far so good. Maybe they are starting to get the connection between me opening and them getting tax revenue. Could that actually be? You go Rahm!

I have also been busy developing a location in Skokie due to open in September. Here I go diving head first into suburbia with a mall location at Old Orchard as well as a store in Streeterville and a probable location in the Gold Coast. Very fancy. Don’t worry, my 86 year old dad, street name “Norm”, comes to the Lincoln Park store every Saturday afternoon for his turkey burger “quality check” and to speak with customers to make sure I’m doing my job. He then reports his findings as a way to let me know he’s still the boss. I love it.

So, in my first blog entry I promised store updates, check. Political commentary, check, and maybe some cooking tips. Here you go. Tired of your burgers sticking to the grill or falling apart? Or the store-bought buns that denigrate before your half way through. Forgetaboutit, just come to Epic Burger. Ok, shameless plug. Maybe a cooking tip next time.

Thanks for reading and thanks for being a fan.

Faithfully yours,

David Friedman

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