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Epic Burger bills its star patty as “a more mindful burger,” referring to meat that’s humanely raised. But here’s another way to read it: Know that you may have to do some thinking when ordering. Not that the menu is difficult to navigate — it isn’t — but there are choices to be made. What’s your patty pick? Hormone- and antibiotic-free beef? Turkey or chicken? Portobello mushroom? Now, the bun: white, wheat or none at all? Add some cheese — aged cheddar, blue, horseradish havarti — then choose your extras and toppings, side dishes and drinks. What you get is a classic burger tailored your way. In my case, beef on whole-wheat with cheddar, pickles and mustard.

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Don’t say we never gave you anything the most EPIC lunch for the rest of the year.  But seriously though, we’re teaming up with Chicago Food Scene to bring you a free combo meal every week for the rest of the year (over $140 in free food) that we’re randomly giving to ONE Tweeter.

All you have to do is RT: I want #ChicagoFoodScene & @theepicburger to make my lunch MORE MINDFUL for the rest of the year!  We’ll be picking a winner on October 3rd at noon.  One entry per day please! And if you feel so inclined to follow Chicago Food Scene & Us on Twitter that wouldn’t hurt either.

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Team Epic Burger does it again!

This passed week we had the opportunity to be a part of Lurie Children’s Hospital, Run for Gus. Proceeds from the race help the fight against pediatric brain cancer.

Great experience for a great cause.

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Lauren Nolan is the Lake Shore Lady, a local Chicago blog about fashion & food.  She sat down with us and asked some tough questions.  Read the full article hereLSL

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Yes, it’s true!  We serve Creekstone Beef, which is great news for Muslims all over Chicago.  Creekstone Farms is one of the top choices for restaurants across America and just so happens to be a fully  Zabihah Halal beef processing company.  Read the full article here.  Happy Eating!



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This past Sunday we were stoked to have the chance to work with Growing Power Chicago in our first of many, Epic Urban Farming Days.  We did everything from weeding to planting to sifting through compost, helping grow yummy greens that are sold all over the Chicagoland area.  Such a mindful & fulfilling day!Growing Power

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